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The Biggest Winner 2020

Guidelines & Information


The Biggest Winner is designed to show you a healthier lifestyle through making changes in your daily activity and eating habits. 


WHO:  All FAA employees can participate

WHEN:  Monday, January 27th – Friday, April 3rd, 2020

TEAMS:  Compete as an individual or a team, team size can be as many as you want.

  • All teams will be competing against each other. 

  • Each team MUST have a team name, even individuals.  Turn in team name by January 29th.

  • You may only belong on one team.

REPORT POINTS:  Points will be reported from Friday through following Thursday.  Example:  the next points are due Friday, February 7th.  You will report points earned from Friday, January 31 - Thursday, February 6th.  

POINTS:  You will be responsible for tracking your points on a weekly basis and reporting them to Dani at by 1 pm on Friday of each week.  Dani will then post weekly results on the bulletin board and our web-site at by the following Monday.

  • 10 points for weekly weigh-ins.  

  • 1 point per pound lost X 3 = total points for weight lost. 

  • 10 Points for attending an FAA Fitness Center group exercise class.

  • 10 points per workout in the FAA Fitness Center.

  • 5 points per workout or taking a class in a non-FAA fitness center.

  • 5 points per day for track daily calorie/food intake on My Fitness Pal App.

  • 25 points is the total points you can receive in 1 given day for exercise points.  



  • You must weigh-in with fitness staff.  Call the fitness center at 4089 to schedule a time to come down to the fitness center and weigh in. 

  • Must weigh-in with normal attire, without shoes.  Be consistent in what you wear to each weigh-in.

  • The first and final weigh-in is mandatory.  If you miss two or more consecutive weigh-ins you will be eliminated from the program.

  • You only weigh-in once during that week (ex: you can’t weigh-in Monday and again on Friday and take the best weight).

  • Weight and individual names will remain confidential throughout the entire contest. 

  • If you gain weight points will NOT be taken away and you will still receive the 10 points for weighing-in.



  • Participation in a group fitness class at the FAA or a non-FAA fitness center class length must be at least 20 minutes.

  • Working out at the FAA or non-FAA fitness center must be at least 20 minutes in length.

  • 25 points is the total points you can receive in 1 given day for exercise points.  



  • To receive points you much track your entire daily intake.

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